The vineyard covers 20 acres with 7 types of vines in a variety of soil, grafted on specific rootstocks to support the ‘terroir’ of each plot. We employ many of the techniques we use benefit biodiversity and promote a natural ecosystem and focus on improving the vineyard long term. In total, Chrissy and Henry now care for over 27,000 vines – that is over 32 kilometres of rows – with some jobs being both sides that’s 64km for some 50 annual processes. Work is hard, all year round and in all weathers – this is the true cost and dedication in the contents of the bottle as it forms the best quality of grapes the weather and site have to offer.

Sustainability is important to the growing side of the business – not just from an ethical and commercial perspective, but also to maintain a natural ecosystem that is best for our vines. Anything that can help our vines grow better, or help us improve the wines. Long term, we also have established research plots for East Malling Research and working with the Centre for Hydrology – host Kents first COSMOS-UK weather station. while developing our own topographic vineyard monitoring system iTrellis.

Join us at one of our open days to find out more about our methods while also finishing with a complementary wine tasting.